Today we will learn about types of welding flames used in gas welding. In my last post, we have discussed about gas welding. In this welding process gases fuels are burn and produce high temperature flames which further used to create weld joint. The flame plays lead role to create weld joint and the weld properties are highly depended on it. There are three types of flames natural flame, carburizing flame and oxidizing flame. Natural flame has synchronized mixture of fuel and oxygen, carburizing flame has more fuel and oxidizing flame has more oxygen. Different material used different flames according to weld condition.

Types of flame:

As we know there are three basic welding flames. These are as follow.

Natural Flame:

As the name implies, this flame has equal amount of oxygen and gases fuel by the volume. This flame burns fuel completely and does not produce any chemical effect on metal to be welded. It is mostly used for welding mild steal, stainless steel, cast iron etc. It produces little smoke. This flame has two zones. The inner zone has white in color and has temperature about 3100 degree centigrade and outer zone has blue color and have temperature about 1275 degree centigrade.

Carburizing Flame:

This flame has excess of fuel gas. This flame chemically reacts with metal and form metal carbide. Due to this reason, this flame does not used with metal which absorb carbon. It is smoky and quiet flame. This flame has three regions. The inner zone has white color, the intermediate zone which is red in color and outer cone has blue color. The inner cone temperature is about 2900 degree centigrade. This flame is used to weld medium carbon steel, nickel etc.

Oxidizing Flame:

When the amount of acetylene reduces from natural flame or amount of oxygen increases, the inner cone tend to disappear and the flame obtain is known as oxidizing flame. It is hotter than natural flame and has clearly defined two zones. The inner zone has very bright white color and has temperature of about 3300 degree centigrade. The outer flame has blue in color. This flame is used to weld oxygen free copper alloy like brass, bronze etc.

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