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Powder Coat Line

Powder coating is the fastest growing technology segment in the finishing industry. Designed for high volume production, this fully conveyorized powder coating system is programmed to deliver premium quality with amazing consistency. The complete process is designed to produce the highest quality finish to the greatest variety of part sizes and shapes.

Because Powder coatings contain no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), the overhead costs associated with the exhaust equipment most coating processes require, just isn’t there. Another advantage of Powder coating, it’s much thicker than typical liquid coating such as paint. This helps in eliminating the chances of producing a product that has a finish with sagging and or running.

Powder Coat Booths

For those larger-sized parts, or smaller quantity runs, we have 2 independent powder coat booths and ovens. The quality, durability and affordability of today’s powder coating finishes make this the process of choice for world-class companies.

Powder coating advantages over other forms of coating are many. Materials used in the Powder coating process can be metals and non-metals that come in a multitude of thicknesses, textures, colors, etc. Another of Powder coating’s biggest advantages over conventional coatings is its ability to create finishes in many different textures. Powder Coating Booths allow us the ability to apply these advantages to large products.

Wet Paint Line

Tri-State Fabricators runs a full-service conveyor line for painting. Wet painting can provide protection or decoration to many different part styles. From start to finish, every project is easier to undergo random and point-based inspection by our skilled painting team.

Advantages to our Wet Paint Line are these lines start with product prep and ends with a thorough inspection of a high quality finished product. Our ability to complete large and small projects with a superior finish and doing so in a timely and economical fashion. This passes along the savings in production to our customers. When powder coating ins not an option, our Wet Paint Line gets the job done right the first time.

Wet Paint Booths

When the parts get big and heavy we roll-out our custom paint racks and oversize booth. By utilizing our partnerships with all the major paint brands, we can match virtually any color with wet paint.

The advantages of having access to a Wet Paint Booth are many. Large projects of many different shapes can be loaded into the booth. The Wet Paint Booth offers an environment that is much more controlled than a typical parts painting operation.

Not only are they used because of their controlled environment, but they’re are also advantageous when it comes to applying paint to parts that are needed in industries that require specialty coatings such as medical, aerospace, etc.

Military CARC

Our military forces have some very high standards when it comes to the finish of their vehicles and equipment. From the first pre-treatment step to final coat, it takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to protect the men and women of our armed forces. They deserve only the best, and Tri-State Fabricators provides it.

All of our processes are closely monitored by our staff and management teams. Both of which are highly trained in the processes of metal fabrication and finishing. Tri-State Fabricators’ goal is to always fully satisfy each and every customer, including the military. We will always put a 110% into what we do.

Glass-Bead Blasting

Abrasive media blasting is an excellent way to remove old paint, rust, and increase the paint/powder adhesion. Glass beads produce a much smoother and brighter finish than angular abrasives; leaving the part clean yet without any dimensional change. Chemically inert and environmentally friendly, we can recycle our beads approximately 30 times; making them a more preferred method of metal cleaning or surface finishing.

Advantages to Glass Bead Blasting are many. Glass bead blast media is used when a project is needing rough surfaces need to become smooth for applications of coatings such as paint. It is typically used to clean paint and rust from a product surface without deforming the surface it is being used on. Overall, compared to many other blasting media, Glass Bead Blasting is a very economical choice and those savings are always passed on to our customers.

Part Washing

Tri-State Fabricators utilize a zinc phosphate wash to clean and etch the material to ensure the best paint adhesion possible. The unique design of our 3-stage wash system does the work like a 5-stage. From Cleaning and rinsing to conversion coating and post-treatment, Our Part Washing process is a complete service and works throughout the fabrication service and the finishing service.

Along with the previously mentioned benefits, Curing is a vital chemical reaction that leaves the product finish hard and relatively safe from mild abrasion and aggressive corrosion. This process can be done in more than one way; ambient air-dry or in curing ovens at temps that exceed 240°.

Burn-Off Oven

From fixing paint mistakes (someone else’s of course) to simply cleaning our paint line hooks, our burn-off oven is put to good use. After a quick burn-off, a little clean up, and a fresh coat of paint, your parts will look better than new.

Why does our Burn-Off Oven work so well? Because super heating the air around parts turns the materials into ashes. From paint and powder coatings to rubber and machining oils, high temps do the job without degrading the integrity of the part.


Masking is a vital part of producing high quality products. We have die-cut masking patterns to protect machined surfaces as well as a wide range of plugs and caps to protect threaded holes and bolts. We provide permanent and temporary masking.

Masking allows the selected sections of a product to be protected from a fabrication or finishing service. This can be with both chemicals when etching and tapes, paints when only finishing just a section of the product. Masking is great in aiding the customization process of a project.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a photographic process that transfers artwork onto a porous nylon screen which allows colored ink to flow through the screen and be deposited on an aluminum or plastic component. We can generally have just about any design created onto a screen for your parts.

Some of the advantages of Screen Printing are, brand recognition for your business displaying on your products, assembly instructions, product warnings/hazards, etc. Tri-State Fabricators produces Screen Printing of the highest quality so you know it’s durable.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing is the process of one company reaching out to multiple manufacturers for quotes on the costs of producing a product or multiple products. These quotes typically include costs for all aspects of the processes, labor, materials, and tooling. After all quotes are considered a Contract manufacturer is chosen to fullfil the terms to the contractual agreement.

Tri-State fabricators, Inc., takes pride in the fact that we continue to evolve as a successful Contract Manufacturing business. Many other businesses rely on Tri-State to research, develop, and manufacture their products.

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing is the art of treating the exterior portion of product, often metal but can also be made of other materials, so that the surface is clean and free of any debris. Then the process of applying coats or either paint of powder coat takes place. This coating process improves the quality of the product in both appearance and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Tri-State Fabricators, Inc., understands that a project typically isn’t complete until a high-quality finish has been added to your product. This is why our painting and powder coating teams continuously inspect the products throughout the Metal Finishing process.

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