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Powder Coat Line

Powder coating is the fastest growing technology segment in the finishing industry. Designed for high volume production, this fully conveyorized powder coating system is programmed to deliver premium quality with amazing consistency. The complete process is designed to produce the highest quality finish to the greatest variety of part sizes and shapes.

Powder Coat Booths

For those larger-sized parts, or smaller quantity runs, we have 2 independent powder coat booths and ovens. The quality, durability and affordability of today’s powder coating finishes make this the process of choice for world-class companies.

Wet Paint Line

Wet painting can provide protection or decoration to many different part styles. We have a full service painting department that can apply wet paint to large and small parts. Tri-State Fabricators runs a full conveyor line for painting.

Wet Paint Booths

When the parts get big and heavy we roll-out our custom paint racks and oversized booth. By utilizing our partnerships with all the major paint brands, we can match virtually any color with wet paint.

Military CARC

Our military forces have some very high standards when it comes to the finish of their vehicles and equipment. From the first pretreatment step to final coat, it takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to protect the men and women of our armed forces. They deserve only the best, and Tri-State Fabricators provides it.

Glass-Bead Blasting

Abrasive media blasting is an excellent way to remove old paint, rust, and increase the paint/powder adhesion. Glass beads produce a much smoother and brighter finish than angular abrasives; leaving the part clean yet without any dimensional change. Chemically inert and environmentally friendly, we can recycle our beads approximately 30 times; making them a more preferred method of metal cleaning or surface finishing.

Part Washing

TSF utilizes a zinc phosphate wash to clean and etch the material to ensure the best paint adhesion possible. The unique design of our 3-stage wash system does the work like a 5-stage.

Burn-Off Oven

From fixing paint mistakes (someone else’s of course) to simply cleaning our paint line hooks, our burn-off oven is put to good use. After a quick burn-off, a little clean up, and a fresh coat of paint, your parts will look better than new.


We have die-cut masking patterns to protect machined surfaces as well as a wide range of plugs and caps to protect threaded holes and bolts.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a photographic process that transfers artwork onto a porous nylon screen which allows colored ink to flow through the screen and be deposited on an aluminum or plastic component. We can generally have just about any design created onto a screen for your parts.

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