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About Tri-State Fabricators

At Tri-State Fabricators, Inc., we have always cared profoundly about our customer partnerships, team, business, and the beautiful country in which we live and work. We refer to this as “the TSF Method”, and it has served us extremely well for over 30 years.

Today, we remain faithful in preserving the values Tri-State Fabricators, Inc. was founded on in 1983 and vow to continually improve our organization via hard work, innovation, technology enhancements, velocity scheduling, and our strategic quoting methodology to provide unsurpassed quality, lead times, and pricing.

This pamphlet along with our exceptionally details Web Site will provide you with a plethora of information demonstrating our vast array of capabilities and high quality; however, discussing your needs in person with us and taking an on-site tour of our operation will assure you we are who we say we are: a first-rate one-source solution for all your metal fabrication and finishing needs.

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History of Tri-State Fabricators

Founded by Jay Richard (Dick) Vogt and his three sons Rick, Jeff and Chris in 1983, Tri-State Fabricators, Inc. has grown considerably large in the last two decades. Tri-State started out in an old milk factory in Madisonville, Ohio with a small stock of machines and very limited capabilities. After many years of hard work and putting all profits back into the company, Tri-State Fabricators were able to move into a larger facility on Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. After adding many new machines to its stock including a new Amada Laser (which was the first in all of Cincinnati at the time), business was non-stop for Tri-State and just kept increasing as the years went on. Around 1996, Tri-State bought some land in an industrial park in

Amelia, Ohio and started building what would become the future of Tri-State Fabricators Inc. Moving to a new 125,000 sq. foot building has opened many “new doors” for Tri-State Fabricators Inc. With new machine additions such as a Amada Gemini 4000 Watt Laser in 03′ and a new Mitsubishi Automated Material Loading System purchased in 05′, things just keep getting better for Tri-State. Tri-State’s customer base grows daily which provides Tri-State with the ability to continue to be the dominating force they have been in this industry for so many years. With an extremely wide variety of services, the future holds endless possibilities for Tri-state Fabricators Inc.

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Engineering Team

Tri-State Fabricators Inc. offers top quality design engineering. Our engineers can use your existing blueprints whether it be on paper or a computer CAD file, or we can design and fabricate your parts based on your requirements from the “ground up”. We have worked with many different companies throughout the last 30 + years in designing new-innovative ideas and updating existing ideas and products. We have maintained a great reputation for consistently offering top quality design engineering and production results to customers abroad for many years. We promise sheer quality no matter how large or small the job is.