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Tri-State Fabricators Partners w/Marriot Hotels

AC Hotels Marriot - Tri-State Fabricators

For the AC Hotels / Marriot Hotels in Cincinnati, Ohio, Tri-State Fabricators, Inc. was tasked with a complex project; exterior, non-structural, cosmetic metal frame / design sculpture. The customer was specifically wanting a cosmetic tubular frame that would outline a large billboard and a frame for the exterior front-face of the building.

Because the customer was unsure of the material options and the requirements for that type of project, Tri-State Fabricators, the customer, and the architectural firm worked closely together to develop the best solution to design an aluminum interconnecting frame and the mounting brackets. A result of this collaboration is a completed project that the customer is very happy with.

Due to our custom design and the interlocking pieces the structure was drastically easier and safer to install than previous designs. The cost savings was a benefit to both the customer and Tri-State Fabricators.