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Metal Fabrication

Tri-State Fabricators Inc. offers top quality design engineering for Metal Fabrication and Production in Cincinnati, OH. Our engineers can use your existing blueprints whether it be on paper or a computer CAD file, or we can design and fabricate your parts based on your requirements from the “ground up”. We have worked with many different companies throughout the last 30 + years in designing new-innovative ideas and updating existing ideas and products. We have maintained a great reputation for consistently offering top quality design engineering and production results to customers abroad for many years. We promise sheer quality no matter how large or small the job is.

Our Software

  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks Pro
  • Solid Edge
  • Armada AP 100US Programming Software
  • SigmaTube
  • NCELL Accufab
  • Arbor Image Cutting Shop
  • Griffo Brothers CamLink