Contract Manufacturing

Tri-State fabricators, Inc., takes pride in the fact that we continue to evolve as a successful Contract Manufacturing business. Many other businesses rely on Tri-State to research, develop, and manufacture their products. We provide Contract Manufacturing to many different commercial and industrial customers from a multitude of industries.



A crucial first step in providing contract manufacturing solutions for all of customers is thorough research. Some of the key steps of that research are materials needed, material availability and material costs. Other research steps include, product durability and what production processes needed to create them.


Meticulous Development is a critical part of the contract manufacturing process. Attention to details during this product development stage include design options, tooling, prototyping, order quantity, production time, etc. Some product designs may require new equipment and tools may be acquired by TSF.


On-Time Manufacturing is vital part of building relationships with companies that seek a highly skilled and trusted contract manufacturer. At TSF we have the capabilities to manage shipping logistics, inventory management, scheduled production runs, and unexpected increases in production.