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Color and Quality in Powder Coating

When people initially notice an object’s exterior, they often focus on its hue first. That’s one of the reasons why manufacturers increasingly offer large assortments of powder coating colors to appeal to their customers. Some companies offer hundreds of stock colors, and many provide custom hues. Here’s a closer look at how that decision can help companies gain or maintain marketplace traction.

Powder coating colors support branding
When developing or strengthening their brands, many company representatives explore how colors can help tell the story of a business or make it more recognizable in a crowded marketplace.

Paints and coatings specialist PPG has a wheel-refurbishing program that uses powder coating to make those parts of industrial vehicles look like new. Jamie White, PPG’s business development manager of commercial coatings, says there’s a clear connection between strong branding and the wheels’ appearance.

White explains, “A truck’s appearance says a lot about the brand. And in the competitive space that is today’s commercial transport industry, fleets are looking for every advantage. Dirty, rusty, and corroded wheels are not a plus. But when a truck rolls up on a set of wheels that have been refurbished and repainted — in either classic white or a custom color — it gets noticed.”

Powder coating quality factors into the customer experience, too. “Rather than simply provide our customers with a powder coating product, we provide solutions. We approach each customer individually and immerse ourselves in their business to identify ways to improve the quality, and equally important, the speed and efficiency of their wheel refurbishing process,” White says.

Services also exist for powder coating office furniture and even pieces of computer keyboards. It’s easy to envision how a company could make work areas look stylish and on-brand by choosing such options.

Customization offers customers more choices
Powder coating quality is undoubtedly on customers’ minds when they explore the options. However, many envision the finished piece to have a particular look. Color is often a big part of getting the appearance they want.

Crystal Window and Door Systems uses a vertical powder-coating system for aluminum. The company currently offers 36 stock colors, along with customization if desired.

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