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Chiron Launches Twin-Spindle Vertical Machining Center

The Chiron Group has introduced the DZ 28 twin-spindle vertical machining centers (VMCs) featuring 1,200 mm spindle clearance and a tool magazine with space for up to 60 tools.

There are two versions of the twin-spindle machining center available: the DZ 28 P five-axis with pallet changer for high quantities and short cycle times, and the DZ 28 S five axis for direct loading.

According to Chiron, this new machining center series can be configured to completely machine larger-sized structural parts which require maximum surface quality and dimensional accuracy, as well as high production rates and minimal downtime. The machine features a compact layout, available robot or gantry automation and fully independent z- and x-direction spindles.

The DZ 28’s design reportedly enables speed and precision to be applied to more part families such as side beams, battery cases and housings for power electronics, as well as blades, blisks and impellers for engine and turbine building.

High axis acceleration and rapid traverse are said to ensure dynamic machining. The portal construction, rigid machine bed and active component cooling enable the required degree of precision on the workpiece.

Chiron says that a major advantage of the 28 Series, especially with large workpieces, is that operating and loading take place on separate sides. This means the operator has clear access to the working area and an unobstructed view into the machining process.

The DZ 28 is operated via Chiron’s TouchLine, which features a large display panel enabling easy monitoring of the machine condition. The 28 Series is prepared for integration of all SmartLine modules, which include ProtectLine for preventive protection against machine crashes and ConditionLine for automatic condition monitoring of relevant machine components.

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