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Powder Coating in Cincinnati, OH

We have a full service powder coating department in Cincinnati, OH that can apply powder coat to large and small parts. Tri-State runs a full conveyor line for powder coating which runs through a three stage wash and 2 independent booths for larger jobs. We have the ability to do extremely large jobs and batch painting. We can match virtually any color with powder.

Equipment List

  • Large Part Powder Coat Line With Automatic 3-Stage Wash / Phosphatize system. 600 Ft. Conveyor. Opening Size 5′ x 4′ Handles Parts Up To 12′ L
  • Wash & Phosphatize Booth: 10′ x 30′ x 25′
  • Large Walk-In Powder Coat booth 8′ x 10′ x 18′
  • Large Walk-In Powder Coat booth 12′ x 14′ x 30′
  • Large Powder Coat Baking Oven: 8′ x 6′ x 14′
  • Large Powder Bake Oven 10′ x 10′ x 25′
  • Nordson Powder Coat Guns

Powder coating is a process where a finely ground powder is sprayed at very low pressure from an electrically charged gun. The cleaned and bare metal part is grounded, the gun is charged to 10,000 volts to give the particles a very high electrical charge. The particles are instantly drawn to the part, adhering to the charged surface. The part is then baked (high-temperature cured) and, as soon as it is cooled, is ready to go.

A cured powder coated item appear to have been “dipped” in a very high gloss paint. Because of the high temperatures involved, the powder bonds to the metal, eliminating runs and sags.

We have very high-gloss coatings that never need to be waxed. Ever. Just spray with Windex and wipe off, the shine is embedded. They are unbelievable. This stuff is just amazing — powder coating is for people who want their part to LAST, never rust, and always look first rate. This is an extremely durable and scratch-resistant surface. Powder coating has the same hardness of chrome but is pliable and can bend and take a hit without chipping.

Almost every shade you can imagine. Tri-State Fabricators have solids, gloss, semi-gloss, chassis flat, translucent, clears, fluorescent and many special finishes, such as wrinkle. We can also do specialty work, combining colors and masking designs.

Two or three colors on the same piece are not impossible. We’ve done effects from monograms to candy canes. There are finishes that match metal such as cast aluminum or iron. The following are some of the “Special” things we can do.

  • Textured Finishes
  • Metallics and Flakes
  • Primers
  • Fluorescents and Neons
  • All Standard Colors and Finishes

Powder Coating Overview

Powder coating is the method of the future. No waste, and a much better finish that lasts longer and is more durable. Powder coating is the fastest growing technology segment in the finishing industry. The quality, durability and affordability of today’s powder coating finishes make this the process of choice for world-class companies.

At Tri-State Fabricators, a high quality finish is the ultimate goal for our entire staff. It is our intention to achieve the highest level of performance by acting as an extension of our customer’s manufacturing process. Designed for high volume production, this fully conveyorized powder coating system is programmed to deliver premium quality time after time with amazing consistency. The complete process is designed to produce the highest quality finish to the greatest variety of part sizes and shapes. The complete process is designed to produce the highest quality finish to the greatest variety of part sizes and shapes. For large parts or small quantity runs our batch system is summoned to action. Pretreatment is accomplished by abrasive blasting or by spray phosphate. The Spray Booth is equipped with two electrostatic application units and a dual-cartridge collection system. The oven and booth can handle parts up to 25’x10’x10′ in size! Our production systems are modeled after ISO standards. Advanced quality systems enable us to attain superior levels of finish and production volume with quicker turnaround and all at better prices than our competitors! At Tri-State Fabricators, we innovate and implement the latest technology to better serve our customers.