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Automated Material Flow Control

Our Automated River System Material Loader / Inventory Control System allows us to strategically organize all of our material as opposed to stacking it on the floor and wasting valuable factory space and time. It keeps our shop organized and allows us to start jobs much quicker than manually having to locate material and un-stack layers upon layers of it to get the one we need. It saves us and our customers money in the long run! Flexibility is a key feature of the River System. With the River System, it’s easy for us to automate the setup of small lots, and to plan multiple product runs in a single shift. We retrofitted a new Mitsubishi Ex 4500 Watt Laser to the River System towards the end of 2013 which has taken our laser cutting capabilities to a whole new level. We still have the ability in the future to integrate additional lasers, turrets and more, allowing for the seamless incorporation of the system into our existing equipment line.

555Material-Storage-System- Tri-State Fabricators

River System Animation

Material-Storage-System- Tri-State Fabricators
Mitsubishi-Cell-Small- Tri-State Fabricators
NCELLNavigatorSS1- Tri-State Fabricators
NCELLNavigatorSS2- Tri-State Fabricators